Save Time. Save Gas Money.

Every weekday, about half of the working population of Union County commutes to other counties for their job. That’s over 7,000 people waking up early, buying gas, driving long distances, and getting home to their families late. Five days a week.

That doesn’t sound like living to us. That sounds like existing. What would happen if more people in Union County decided to spend their time, talent, and other resources here at home? We think it’s possible—and preferable.

Crunching The Numbers

If you live in Union but commute to Spartanburg for work, what does that mean for your bottom line?

Even if you’re making two or three dollars more per hour working in Spartanburg, you’d still come out ahead by working in Union.

* Wages may vary. The graphic below is an example.

If You're Commuting diagram

Calculate Your Commute

How many miles do you travel daily? x

How many days do you travel per week?

What is your hourly pay? =


Total Per Week
Average Net Pay in Union County $600

The Choice Is Yours

We understand that you have to go where the opportunity is.

That’s why we think you should stay here.

Union County has attracted employers who seek skilled workers for manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and logistics facilities. Just check the math. (We already did it for you)

See what employers in Union are looking for employees like you.

There are jobs right here.

Did you know there are two BMW suppliers in Union County? (Gestamp and Gonvauto). We are also home to the Belk E-Commerce and Fulfillment Center, theDollar General Distribution Center, Lockhart Power Company, two Miliken plants, Standard Textile and many other top-tier employers.

Belk logo

  • Loss Prevention Assoc.
  • Maintenance Tech

Timken logo

  • Mechatronics Technicians

StandardTextile logo

  • Packers/Folders
  • Material Handler
  • Sewer Technician
  • Machine Operator
  • Electro-Mechanical Operator
  • Supervisor

Haemonetics logo

  • Quality Inspector
  • QS Tech
  • Production Operator
  • Product Complaint Investigator
  • Process Tech
  • Mix Operator
  • Microbiologist

  • Maintenance Techs
  • Metal Finishers
  • Tool and Die Techs

Kill the Commute.
Get your life back.

Our calculations above account for the money lost by commuting but not for your time. How much do you value your time? How much do your kids value your time? When you add up the hours your family loses during your commute, working in Union makes more sense. And more dollars, too.

By working in Union, you could get home at a reasonable hour, cook dinner with your spouse, go to your kid’s after-school activities, or just enjoy more down-time after a hard day at work—and still come out ahead financially.

Sounds like a win-win to us.

Kill The Commute